PDI Colour Lesson Presenter - PDF

An A4 lesson presenter/lesson planner that is concise and very easy to use. It has been designed with a prompt sheet/lesson plans on the left hand side for the instructor and diagrams on the right hand side for the pupil.

The left hand side prompt sheet is broken down into sections to help you cover what is required for your Part 3 Exam

Introduction, last lesson recap.

  • Key points *
  • Suitable questions
  • Potential faults the examiner may make

* The Key Points are what the examiner will look for and if you don't cover the 'Key Points' you will not gain marks for them.

There are 57 pages including the contents sheet plus an additional four blank workstations. Some pages are duplicated eg PST 7 Phase 2 (Pedestrian Crossings) would be the same for PST 9 Phase 2 but to prevent you from fiddling around on your exam trying to find the right pages, all you need to do is find the page for Phase 1 and then the relevant Phase 2 will follow on directly after.

Only a few pages are shown as examples but following payment the full 57 pages will be available as an instant download in PDF format.

Laminated lesson planner/presenter for Trainee Driving Instructors