Individual lessons in PDF - Instant Download Following Payment

This is an ideal tool for those who like to use a tablet/iPad or smart phone for teaching.

Each PDF file shows the breakdown of a particular lesson on individual pages. The example shown is the Turn in the Road lesson, showing the four stages of the lesson. There are also hints where applicable, such as observation when it is needed.

You simply swipe to go to the next stage of the lesson.

For example - Moving Off and Stopping Lesson:-

This file contains 13 pages, starting with a page showing POM. When you scroll it takes you to mirrors and the next screen shows the pupil the position of the car at the start, then the position of the car when checking mirrors and so on. The last page of this file details how to make the car safe.

Depending on type of tablet you are using you may need to download an appropriate app, ie iBooks (free from Apple). A PDF reader may only allow you to swipe from top to bottom, however, iBooks allows you to swipe right to left. Please click here for a sample.

Available as a full set or as various bundles.

Lesson Presenter

PDF Planner for Tablets

Full Set

Comprising: Bundle 1, Bundle 2, Bundle 3.

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Bundle 1

Comprising: Controls, Moving off & Stopping, Approaching Junctions to Turn Left, Approaching Junctions to Turn Right, T-Junctions, Crossroads.

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Bundle 2

Comprising: Emergency Stop & Skidding, Meet Cross & Position, Overtaking, Pedestrian Crossings, Roundabouts.

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Bundle 3

Comprising: Turn in the Road, Parallel Parking, Reverse Left, Reverse Right, Bay Parking Left, Bay Parking Right.

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