Driving Instructor Diary (Excel)

This diary system set up in excel allows you to enter your business and personal appointments into a diary by automatically blocking out the relevant time to allow you to keep tracks of your appointments.

The diary is set up in two halves - January to June and July to December and by updating the year number in 'Annual Set up' you can continue to use it until the year 2020.

The times are set from 8am to 9pm but if you should require different start or finish times please let us know and it can be amended accordingly.

We can arrange to amend this system to suit your needs, ie lengths of appointments, different colours, one button for a manual car and one button for an automatic car.

The system has been set up in Excel 2007 and it contains macros. These macros may not be compatible with other open source applications.


By simply placing your cursor against the relevant date and time of an appointment, all you need to do is click the 'Customer' button, you then get a request for the customer's name and click the relevant length of the appointment (currently set at 45 minutes, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 hours or all day but can be changed to suit your needs - (email us with any changes required on purchase)

An appointment is then automatically created for you by changing the block of cells relevant to the appointment time to blue, with the customer's name and the length of the appointment will also be entered for you.

Personal Appointments

Enter your own appointments such as holiday, dentist, accountant lunch etc in exactly the same way as above and the relevant cells will change to red.

All cells are password protected to prevent accidental deletion.


This is basically the same as for lessons however, when you click the 'Test' button to enter details, the appointment will be blocked out in a different colour to the appointment to show the test.

Deleting Appointments

To clear any entries simply place your cursor in the cell at the start of the appointment and click the 'Clear Appt' to erase it


Click the 'Today' button to take you automatically to the current date.


You can simply print any week off by clicking the 'Print Week' option. This is set to print out on approximately A5 size to allow to fit in a Personal Organiser/Filofax if you wish to keep a paper copy.


Another useful section is a sheet for all your contact details and other relevant information of your pupils.

Driving School Diary