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At AB Driving School Supplies you will find a variety of driving instructor products to help with the day to day running of your driving school business, as well as useful training aids for teaching pupils. There is a range of products suitable for both ADIs and PDIs

Updated for new tests (pupils and PDIs)

Business Products

Accounting Systems

We offer three versions, one suitable for use with Excel, one can also be used with open source software, and one which can also be used on iPad/android tablets. All are set up specifically for Driving Instructors and provide a quick and easy way to record all your finances....... Read more

Diary System

On-screen diary. This system is set up in Excel. At the click of a button you can block out relevant areas for pupils lessons and tests as well as personal appointments. The diary system can be saved as a master copy which will enable you to use the system in future years. ..... read more

ADI Training Products

Lesson Handouts/Recap Sheets (Updated for new tests)

By giving handouts to pupils helps them further understand the lesson or can prepare them for the next lesson. These make a useful teaching aid to help a pupil continue to learn about a subject between lessons, adding value for money. These can be personalised with your own details..... read more

Lesson Presenters (Updated for new tests)

These lesson presenters are available in portrait (with prompts or just diagrams), or landscape (diagrams) and either laminated and spiral bound or also available as a PDF file available as an immediate download that you can print out as many times as you wish....... read more

PDI Training Products

Lesson Presenters (Updated for new tests)

Set up in Pre Set Test Order to make your life easier at the time of the exam. Available in portrait or landscape and either laminated and spiral bound or as a PDF file available as an immediate download ....... read more

A5 Prompt Cards (Updated for new tests)

Handy A5 prompt cards in pre-set test order with one card per pre-set test) with Part 1 on one side and Part 2 on the reverse side. The cards are available laminated or as an immediate download in PDF format. ....... read more

Part 3 Exam Pack

A very useful pack including a set of A5 prompt cards, a lesson presenter, suggested questions and potential faults. The pack is available laminated or as PDF documents to download immediately following payment. ....... read more

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