ADI Colour Lesson Presenter - A4 Portrait with Prompts (Laminated)

A4 Lesson Presenter

ADI Colour Lesson Presenter - A4 Portrait with lesson plans and prompts on the left hand page for the instructor and clear concise diagrams on the right hand page for the pupil.

The Lesson Presenter will be supplied fully laminated and spiral bound for use with dry-wipe pen. However if you prefer you can purchase one in PDF format to enable you to print out which ever pages you require and as often as you need.

Each lesson has been designed with detailed diagrams to help you cover all the necessary points without confusing the pupil.

There are 47 pages covering the necessary lessons, in addition to these there are four additional blank workstations including junctions, T-junctions, dual carriageway, road with parked cars.

ADI Laminated lesson planner/presenter for Driving Instructors