A5 Prompt Cards - in Pre Set Test Order (Laminated)

A helpful training aid for PDIs to help you recall the necessary points you need to cover in your Part 3 test.

Part of your Part 3 test will be marked on the'Key Points', (the items listed on the left side of the DSA marking sheet). The Supervising Examiner (SE) will expect you to cover all unless otherwise specified. If you don't cover these points you can't receive the necessary marks.

These handy cards are approximately A5 in size and laminated.

Each card is set up with the Phase I of the Pre-set test on one side and Phase II on the reverse, so you can simply pick out the relevant card once you know which PST you have been set and you will only need that one card for both parts of your test. This means you can comfortably hold your presenter as well.

Phase I

These have check boxes and list all the information you need to cover at your briefing. The 'Key Points' are highlighted and have some examples of questions you can use.

Phase II

The brief for the Phase II is expected to be much shorter than Phase I, and mainly Q&A.

These prompt cards highlight the'Key Points' and some examples of questions.

There are 12 cards in total (two on reversing - one for left and one for right, and two for reverse parking - one parallel and one for bay parking).

Handy A5 Prompt Cards in Pre-set Test Order